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3D Printing Breakthrough: Children Breathe Easy with New Splint

Innovative 3D printed devices are transforming care for Children with airway diseases in Atlanta. A collaboration between Georgia Tech & Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has produced custom tracheal splints, offering new hope for young patients with Pediatric Tracheomalacia.

The bioabsorbable splints are designed to dissolve as the child’s airway strengthens. In a groundbreaking case, doctors implanted a device in patient Justice Altidor in October 2020, following FDA approval. This intervention enables Justice to breathe independently without ventilator support.

Pediatric tracheomalacia causes the windpipe to collapse during breathing, leading to severe respiratory issues. These customized splints address each patient’s unique needs, potentially reducing long-term ventilator dependence.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is at the forefront of this technology, being one of few U.S. centers using 3D printing for such cases. Georgia Tech remains the sole facility capable of producing these specialized tracheal splints. To date, four patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta have benefited from these innovative airway support devices.


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