You are currently viewing AnkerMake Studio’s Latest Update: Packed with Latest Slicer Features

AnkerMake Studio’s Latest Update: Packed with Latest Slicer Features

As a leading manufacturer of 3D printers, AnkerMake is excited to announce a major update to its popular AnkerMake Studio slicing software. This expansion provides users with a powerful & feature rich solution for preparing 3D print jobs.

The new AnkerMake Studio 1.5.22 incorporates cutting-edge tools and functionalities from top slicers like PrusaSlicer, Bambu Studio, and Orca Slicer. This ensures users have access to the latest innovations for optimizing their 3D prints.

Key features in the update include:

  • Variable layer height for fine print quality control
  • Advanced calibration settings for temperature, flow rate, and more
  • Assembly views to preview multi-component model builds
  • Text and SVG embossing tools
  • Object measurement and cut tools
  • Overhang wall detection for automatic speed adjustments

“We’re thrilled to deliver this game-changing update that combines the best functionalities from leading slicers,” said [Company Representative, Title]. “AnkerMake Studio 1.5.22 equips users with a complete toolbox for achieving dimensionally-accurate, high-quality prints every time.”

The full AnkerMake Studio product line offers user-friendly and affordable solutions tailored for makers, hobbyists, educators, and professionals. With this latest feature-packed release, AnkerMake continues providing accessible yet powerful software that simplifies the 3D printing workflow.

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