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Now Is the Perfect Moment to Grab a Prusa MK4

3D printing aficionados, take note: Prusa Research has rolled out a rare summer promotion that might just convince you to join the “orange-hued, beard-faced movement” of Prusa ownership.

Until July 16, 2024, the Czech-based company is offering an irresistible deal on its Original Prusa MK4 3D printer. For those eyeing the assembled version, Prusa is throwing in free worldwide shipping and an extended warranty. This is particularly appealing for US customers who’ve long grappled with hefty shipping costs.

DIY enthusiasts aren’t left out either. Opting for the kit version of the Prusa MK4 lands you a $100 store credit, redeemable on both the Prusa Research webstore and Printed Solid, their US-based reseller acquired in 2022.

But why choose the MK4?

Since its 2023 launch, the printer has evolved significantly. Prusa’s commitment to ongoing support & updates means your investment is secure for the long haul. New features & optimizations are regularly added, enhancing the printer’s capabilities over time.

At $1,099 for the assembled version, the MK4 isn’t cheap. However, its value extends beyond mere aesthetics. The Prusa MK4 is a workhorse, consistently delivering high-quality prints. Plus, there’s the satisfaction of supporting a European company that’s been instrumental in advancing desktop 3D printing.

Prusa’s reputation for quality is reflected in their sales figures, with thousands of units shipped annually. While the price tag might raise eyebrows when compared to similar-looking machines, the MK4’s advantages are more than skin deep.

For those on the fence about getting an Prusa MK4, this promotion might be the perfect opportunity to make your move. But remember, like all good things, this deal has an expiration date. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious newcomer, now might be the time to dive into the world of Prusa.

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