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Students Launch 3D-Printed Rocket in Space Cup Challenge

The Spaceport America Cup, a student rocket competition (The annual Spaceport America Cup), runs June 17-22, 2024 in New Mexico. A German team aims to launch a 3D-printed Rocket in Space to 30,000 feet, using a part sponsored by Craftcloud. The event highlights student innovation in aerospace, with over 1,700 participants. Daily launches from June 19-22 will be live-streamed, showcasing the integration of advanced manufacturing in rocketry.

The annual Spaceport America Cup is set to take off from June 17 to June 22, 2024, in New Mexico, bringing together over 1,700 students for an exciting rocket launch competition. This year, a German team is aiming to make history with a 3D-printed dual-stage rocket designed to reach an impressive altitude of 30,000 feet (9 km).

The team, known as WARR Rocketry from TU München, is part of a scientific society that has grown to 150 active members since its inception in the 1960s. Their WESP mission team has spent 13 months developing an advanced rocket, with most components designed and produced in-house.

In a collaborative effort, Craftcloud, All3DP’s 3D printing service, sponsored a crucial part for the rocket. This shiny, 3D-printed component will play a vital role in boosting the second stage of the rocket, potentially helping the team achieve their record-breaking goal.

Students Launch 3D-Printed Rocket in Space Cup Challenge
 (Source: Craftcloud)

The competition will run from June 19 to June 22, with daily launch windows opening at 3 PM German time and closing at 10 PM. Enthusiasts can follow the action via YouTube live stream or Instagram updates.

This event showcases the intersection of education, innovation, and cutting-edge technology in the field of rocketry. As teams from various disciplines come together to push the boundaries of student-led space exploration, the Spaceport America Cup continues to inspire the next generation of rocket scientists and engineers.

With the integration of 3D printing technology, the competition demonstrates how advanced manufacturing techniques are revolutionizing the aerospace industry, even at the student level. As the rockets take to the skies, all eyes will be on the WARR Rocketry team and their ambitious 3D-printed creation.

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