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Longer Nano Review: The Future of Portable Laser Engraving

In the rapidly evolving world of DIY and small-scale manufacturing, portable laser engravers are becoming increasingly popular. The Nano series aims to bring professional-grade laser engraving capabilities to a compact, user- riendly package. But does it deliver on its promises? Let’s dive into a detailed Longer Nano review of this intriguing device.

Design and Portability

The Longer Nano stands out with its remarkably compact design. Unlike traditional bulky laser engravers, this device is truly portable, making it an excellent choice for hobbyists, small business owners & anyone who needs to engrave on the go. Its size allows it to fit comfortably on a desk or shelf, making it ideal for those with limited workspace.

The device comes almost fully assembled out of the box, which is a significant advantage for users who may be intimidated by complex setup processes. The main components include the laser module, a small power supply, necessary cables & safety accessories like protective goggles and a safety cover with a built-in fan.

Longer Nano Review: The Future of Portable Laser Engraving

Power and Performance

The Longer Nano comes in two variants: a 6W and a 12W model. Both use a 450nm diode laser, which is suitable for engraving a wide range of materials including wood, leather, metal, colored ceramics, paper, plastic & even food.

One of the most impressive features of the Nano is its engraving speed. The 6W model boasts a respectable 600mm/s, while the 12W version takes it to another level with an astounding 2200mm/s thanks to its Galvo system. This high speed capability significantly reduces project completion times, making it an excellent choice for those who need quick turnarounds.

Longer Nano Review: The Future of Portable Laser Engraving

Precision and Accuracy

The Longer Nano doesn’t compromise on precision despite its small size. The 6W model offers a 0.050.05mm precision, which is suitable for most hobbyist needs. The 12W model steps it up with an impressive 0.020.02mm precision, rivaling many larger, more expensive machines.

The inclusion of a field lens in the 12W model further enhances the engraving quality, ensuring even printing & improved accuracy. This feature is particularly useful for detailed work or when engraving on slightly uneven surfaces.

Longer Nano Review: The Future of Portable Laser Engraving

Workspace and Versatility

While the Longer Nano’s compact size might suggest a limited work area, it actually offers a surprisingly generous engraving space. The standard workspace is 100100mm, but with the included extension rod, this can be expanded to 100300mm. This flexibility allows users to tackle a wide range of project sizes without needing multiple machines.

One standout feature is the ability to engrave on curved surfaces, thanks to the included claw attachment. This opens up a whole new realm of creative possibilities, allowing users to personalize items like bottles or cylindrical objects.

Materials and Versatility

The Longer Nano demonstrates impressive versatility across a wide range of materials:

  1. Wood: Engraves well, with the 12W model cutting up to 8.5mm thick.
  2. Leather: Creates detailed designs on various types.
  3. Metal: Effective on colored metals and anodized aluminum.
  4. Colored Ceramics: Suitable for personalizing tiles and mugs.
  5. Paper and Cardstock: Ideal for intricate cutting and card making.
  6. Plastic and Acrylic: Can engrave and cut thin sheets.
  7. Fabric: Capable of engraving on certain cloth types.
  8. Food: Adds unique designs to some food items.
  9. Glass: Best results with coated glass or marking sprays.
  10. Stone: Can engrave on certain types, results may vary.

The Nano’s material compatibility, combined with its curved surface engraving capability, makes it suitable for a variety of creative and practical applications. However, engraving quality may vary based on specific material properties and the model’s power (6W vs 12W). Always perform test runs to optimize settings for each project.

Cutting Capabilities

In addition to engraving, the Longer Nano can also handle light cutting tasks. The 6W model can cut wood up to 4mm thick, while the 12W version impressively manages up to 8.5mm. While it may not replace a dedicated laser cutter for heavy-duty work, this feature adds significant versatility to the device. Longer Nano Review

Software and Compatibility

The Nano supports industry-standard software solutions like Lightburn and LaserGrbl, making it easy to integrate into existing workflows. This broad compatibility ensures that users can work with familiar tools & easily transfer skills from other devices.

Longer Nano Review: The Future of Portable Laser Engraving

Safety Features

Safety is a crucial consideration with any laser device, and the Longer Nano doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It incorporates multiple layers of protection, including motion sensors, limit switches, and data transmission protection. The included protective hood & safety goggles provide additional peace of mind during operation. Longer Nano Review

Longer Nano Review: The Future of Portable Laser Engraving

Value for Money

Starting at $659.99 for the 6W model, the Nano offers a compelling package for its price point. The 12W model, while more expensive, provides significant upgrades in speed & precision that may justify the higher cost for more demanding users.

Comparison with Competitors

To better understand the Longer Nano’s position in the market, let’s compare it with some notable competitors:

xTool F1

The xTool F1 is a formidable competitor in the portable laser engraver market, offering some unique features:

xTool F1 Review: The Best Portable Laser Engraver for Your Creative Endeavors
  • Dual Laser System: Unlike the Nano, the xTool F1 combines a 2W 1064nm infrared laser with a 10W 455nm diode laser, allowing for a wider range of material compatibility.
  • Engraving Speed: With a maximum speed of 4000mm/s, the xTool F1 outpaces even the 12W Nano (2200mm/s).
  • Precision: The xTool F1 boasts an impressive 0.00199mm engraving accuracy, which is higher than both Nano models.
  • Work Area: The xTool F1 has a slightly larger standard work area of 160x120mm (elliptical) compared to the Longer Nano’s 100x100mm. Longer Nano Review
  • Price: At $1,599, the xTool F1 is significantly more expensive than the Nano models.

LaserPecker 2

  • Power: 5W, similar to the Nano 6W model
  • Engraving Speed: 6mm/s – 600mm/s, comparable to the Nano 6W
  • Precision: 0.003mm, which is higher than both Nano models
  • Price: At $599, it’s slightly more affordable than the Nano
Longer Nano Review: The Future of Portable Laser Engraving
    Longer Nano Review: The Future of Portable Laser Engraving
    • Power: 10W diode laser + 2W fiber laser, similar to the xTool F1’s dual-laser approach
    • Engraving Speed: 2000mm/s, slightly slower than the Longer Nano 12W
    • Precision: 0.003mm, better than the Longer Nano but not as precise as the xTool F1
    • Price: At $1,324, it’s positioned between the Longer Nano and xTool F1 in terms of cost

      Comparative Analysis:

      1. Speed: The xTool F1 leads in engraving speed, followed by the Longer Nano 12W. For users prioritizing fast production, these would be the top choices. Longer Nano Review
      2. Precision: The xTool F1 offers the highest precision, followed by the LaserPecker models. The Longer Nano, while precise, doesn’t quite match these competitors in this aspect.
      3. Versatility: The xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4, with their dual-laser systems, offer the most versatility in terms of material compatibility. However, the Longer Nano’s ability to engrave curved surfaces is a unique advantage.
      4. Price: The Longer Nano models are competitively priced, offering a good balance of features and affordability. The xTool F1, while more expensive, justifies its price with advanced features and performance.
      5. Portability: All models discussed are designed for portability, but the Longer Nano’s compact size and simple setup process give it an edge in this category. Longer Nano Review
      6. Software Compatibility: The Longer Nano’s support for both Lightburn and LaserGrbl puts it on par with the xTool F1 in terms of software flexibility.

      :comparison chart With Competitors:

      FeatureLonger Nano 6WLonger Nano 12WxTool F1LaserPecker 2LaserPecker 4
      Power6W12W10W + 2W IR5W10W + 2W Fiber
      Engraving Speed600mm/s2200mm/s4000mm/s6-600mm/s2000mm/s
      Work Area100100mm (expandable to 100300mm)100100mm (expandable to 100300mm)160*120mm (Elliptical)100*100mm160*120mm (Elliptical)
      Curved Surface EngravingYesYesNoNoNo
      Software CompatibilityLightburn & LaserGrblLightburn & LaserGrblXCS & LightburnProprietaryProprietary
      Price (USD)$659.99~$999.99 (estimated)$1,599$599$1,324


      After comparing the Longer Nano series with its competitors, it’s evident that each device caters to different user needs. The Nano, particularly the 12W model, emerges as a strong contender in the portable laser engraver market. It offers an impressive balance of performance, versatility & affordability that should appeal to a wide range of users. Its unique features like curved surface engraving & an expandable work area set it apart from competitors, while its support for popular software enhances its user friendliness. Longer Nano Review

      For hobbyists, small business owners or those new to laser engraving, the Longer Nano provides an accessible entry point without sacrificing capability. It’s a versatile tool suitable for Various projects & applications. However, for professionals requiring the highest speed and precision, the more expensive xTool F1 might be worth the additional investment.

      The Longer Nano’s strong performance across multiple criteria positions it as a significant player in democratizing laser engraving technology. It’s balance of features, performance & price point makes it a solid choice for many users, potentially representing the future of accessible, versatile laser engraving technology.

      Ultimately, the “ideal” choice depends on individual requirements, budget & intended use. The Longer Nano’s compelling mix of attributes makes it a worthy consideration for anyone looking to explore or expand their laser engraving capabilities without breaking the bank. Longer Nano Review


      What materials can the Longer Nano engrave?

      The Longer Nano can engrave on wood, leather, metal, colored ceramics, paper, plastic, acrylic, cloth, and even food.

      Is the Longer Nano safe to use at home?

      Yes, it includes safety features like protective goggles and a safety cover. Always follow the safety guidelines provided.

      Can the Longer Nano cut materials as well as engrave?

      Yes, the 6W model can cut wood up to 4mm thick, while the 12W version can cut up to 8.5mm thick wood.

      What software is compatible with the Longer Nano?

      The Longer Nano supports industry-standard software like Lightburn and LaserGrbl.

      How does the Longer Nano compare to other portable laser engravers?

      It offers a good balance of speed, precision, and affordability, with unique features like curved surface engraving.

      Is the Longer Nano suitable for beginners?

      Yes, its user-friendly setup & operation make it suitable for beginners in laser engraving.

      What’s the difference between the 6W and 12W models?

      The 12W model offers faster engraving speeds (2200mm/s vs 600mm/s) and higher precision (0.02mm vs 0.05mm).

      Can the Longer Nano engrave on curved surfaces?

      Yes, it comes with a claw attachment that allows for engraving on curved surfaces.

      What’s the maximum work area of the Longer Nano?

      The standard work area is 100x100mm, but it’s expandable to 100x300mm with the included extension rod.

      Is the Longer Nano truly portable?

      Yes, its compact design makes it highly portable, suitable for use in various locations.

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