You are currently viewing Step Inside the World’s First Legally Habitable Flintstones-Style Home with 3D-Printed Walls!

Step Inside the World’s First Legally Habitable Flintstones-Style Home with 3D-Printed Walls!

As pioneers in sustainable construction technology, we are proud to unveil Project Milestone – Europe’s first legally habitable home with load-bearing entirely 3D printed walls on-site. This bold project by Eindhoven University of Technology, Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix, Witteveen+Bos, and Van Wijnen showcases the future of eco-friendly homebuilding.

The standout feature is the home’s distinctive curved shape & textured concrete walls patterned with layer lines from the 3D printing process. A giant robotic arm fitted with a concrete nozzle printed the 24 wall segments, with the largest weighing an impressive 12 tons.

The team fought to develop a groundbreaking home that strikes a balance between sustainability & outstanding aesthetics, even though achieving this novel design created certain difficulties, such as construction delays.

Key features of this 3D printed marvel include:

– Unique curving shape resembling a boulder, enabled by 3D printing’s design freedom

– Robust construction using high-quality materials expected to last over 50 years  

– Impressive energy performance coefficient of 0.25 for high efficiency

– Reduced construction time and construction waste compared to traditional methods

“We faced hurdles in printing such an ambitious freeform design, but the end result is a remarkable property that marries beauty with function,” said [Company Representative]. “This project demonstrates how 3D construction printing can produce stunning yet sustainable homes.”

With plans underway for four more 3D printed houses, including a three-story family home, Project Milestone pushes boundaries annually while minimizing environmental impact. The future of homebuilding is here!

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